Monday, November 7, 2011

an incident in school.

my 12 year old, who has high functioning Autism, was provoked with pinching and name calling on Friday to a point where he struck another student. the other student was his best friend. They have an on and off relationship. my son knows it isn't right for people to fight like that. He also knows that name calling isn't right. our school has a new principal, so I am hoping to make sure that he understands that while my son deserves a punishment, they need to take somethings into consideration. People with Autism don't have the best social skills. wish me luck. My son rarely hits anyone. he would have to be seriously pissed off before that would happen.

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  1. met with the school principal. He seemed to be afraid of me. not sure why, never had to meet with him before. My son ended up with a half hour of after school detention. So he won't miss any school, and he won't be "rewarded" with staying home from school.